Queens Walk Community Centre     The Hub of the Meadows

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Every Wednesday from 1:30pm - 3:30pm

We have a professional dance tutor who provides tuition to a group of over 50’s who use sequence and line dancing to keep themselves fit and active. We also have trips out to other tea dances.  To come and join the fun, please

contact Jane on: 07931933711


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Come and enjoy some healthy food, a bit of exercise and fun with our Women’s Group. Our outstanding cooks provide the best lunch in town for just£3.95, you can also join in with a little light exercise from 11:00 before you sit down with great company and chat.  Just turn up and join in.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm - 7:30pm m dapibestibulum vel tellus. Sed vulputate. Morbi massa nunc, convallis a, commodo gravida, tincidunt sed, trpis. Aenean ornarea est.

Friendly, fun and great exercise. Our Zumba classes are very popular for all ages and provide a great way to meet up with friends and exercise at the same time.  Our professional tutor will ensure that this classes is right for you, no matter what your level of fitness. Its 4.00 and you can just turn up.


There is always something great going on

As a vibrant part of the Meadows, the Queens Walk Community Centre is a hub of liveliness and energy.  We have a wide range of activities taking place all week including Boxing, Zumba classes, Sequence and Line dancing,clog dancing and our luncheon club.

We also take an active part in supporting education and learning locally. The Community Centre hosts Nottingham  Central College who provide English language classes and Meadows Academy  who provide an after school club at the community centre.

Every Monday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm m dapibestibulum vel tellus. Sed vulputate. Morbi massa nunc, convallis a, commodo gravida, tincidunt sed, turpis. Aenean ornare viverra est.

This is very popular and provides a great way to keep fit, have fun with friends and learn a great skill and discipline.  Our  fully qualified boxing coaches provide a safe and welcoming environment for young people. Best of all the lessons are FREE and you can just turn up to join in.